PopCap Dublin shutdown

September 24, 2012 Mobile

PopCap Dublin shut down, 96 dismissed allegedly PopCap closed its office in Dublin this morning, former PopCap mobile associate producer JP Vaughan confirmed the closure, later tweeting that the studio had” 30 days to prepare “for the News. Last month saw a round of layoffs at PopCap’s Seattle offices 50 employees lose their jobs, with reports of jobs at the Irish Office in danger.

A source with knowledge of the situation Joystiq reports the closing occurred following a meeting at 11.00 UK time taken. Our source confirms the company’s official line that 96 people in total were from the layoffs, which began last month, with the closure of the Irish Centre today affects only the consultation. Consultation is a concept, under Irish law, where, if it must receive a certain amount of redundancy, employees within 30 days.

“Europe remains a key market for PopCap, and we continue to operate our presence grows by central services from our North American operations and the extensive European network of EA,” PopCap informed Joystiq in a prepared statement.

The news follows the creation of 300 jobs at EA Customer Service Center in Galway, Ireland. PopCap is an EA subsidiary. No sense, EA doubling up on tax havens. Mobile

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